School District 1 Goshen County

Ms. Jean Chrostoski


As Superintendent, I would like to welcome you to Goshen County School District No. 1. Goshen County is a wonderful place to raise and educate your children. We are located in Southeastern Wyoming covering 2, 225 square miles. Goshen County is ranked #1 in agriculture importance to the state’s economy; #1 in corn and cattle production, followed by winter wheat, hay, dry beans, and sugar beets. Goshen County also has one of the mildest winter weather conditions in the state of Wyoming.

The district has a very stable student population which hovers at 1, 750 students. There are four different community locations for our schools. LaGrange Elementary (LaGrange); Lingle Ft. Laramie Schools (Lingle); Southeast Schools (Yoder), and Torrington Schools (Torrington).

Goshen County Schools has received AdvancEd Accreditation and the district was commended for having a strategic plan that serves as a placement to provide a systemic focus on improved student learning; for having a stable, talented team of staff members dedicated to working on continuous improvement; strong positive interactions between students and teachers, and creative, efficient, and effective classrooms.

Goshen County Schools strives to expose all student to high levels of instruction and provides an array of extra-curricular opportunities to satisfy student interest. The schools are very competitive on the athletic field and also in art, drama, chorus, music, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA and has a Gifted and Talented Coordinator to meet the enrichment needs of identified students. For those student with special needs, the Office of Special Services is staffed to accommodate a wide range of disabilities in the home school environment and classrooms.

The district has a strong working relationship with Eastern Wyoming College, a community college located...

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