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in the U.S., based on quality and affordability, our ETMS program is designed for military officers and others interested in working in education and training in the military, business, and industry. Individuals who pursue an ETMS degree enhance their skills in managing and supporting education and training systems. Students in the ETMS receive a broad overview of the many issues involved in working with education and training systems and stakeholders. Students can tailor their program of study to focus on specific skills, knowledge, and abilities that they will need to meet their future career goals.

The Ten ETMS Competencies

This program is aligned to ten competencies, providing a broad perspective of education and training in a variety of settings.

  • Basic Management Principles
  • Education and Training Organization/Operation
  • Planning, Programming, Statistical, and Budgeting Systems
  • Principles and Application of Instructional Systems Development
  • Personnel/Manpower Management
  • Education/Training Psychology
  • Education/Training Research and Development Processes, Policies, and Procedures
  • Application of Computer and Web–Based Technology to Education
  • Contract Administration
  • Existing and Conceptual Systems
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