School District 2 Moncton

Moncton High School

Why it matters
Moncton High School (MHS) was built to last. The cornerstone was laid for this imposing 3-storey sandstone structure in 1934, and its arched bays and massive wood entrance doors have seen thousands of students come and go over the years. The school’s character is further revealed in the wood panelling, carvings, vaulted plaster ceilings and other historic details that abound throughout the building.

Known as “the castle” it is considered to be one of the most important architectural landmarks in downtown Moncton and a symbol of permanence in the city.

Why it’s endangered
In September 2007 the District Education Council (DEC) requested a complete Master Plan for “major upgrades, renovations and /or replacement of Moncton High.” The resulting document, released in January 2009, acknowledges the building’s uniqueness and recognizes that much of the original exterior and interior elements and craftsmanship should remain intact. In particular, the auditorium, with its seating area, balcony, stage and decorative finishes in place, is singled out for its heritage value and identified as a space that should not be modified. However, the report goes on to recommend extensive and costly renovations to the building, amounting to $48 million. Conversely, construction of a new facility has been estimated at $25 million.

New schools are expected to have a life cycle of 30 years. MHS has already served the community for 75 years, and is made of materials with many more years of service life. The $25 million cost estimate for a new school does not include many elements that exist at MHS, such as the auditorium. Economics aside, the environmental impact of abandoning this building and replacing it with a new structure would be staggering.

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