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width="220"Down on the Farm last Thursday night we saw a glimpse of the future...

Some games have ramification beyond the box score and Stanfurd's 56-35 blow out of UCLA was one of those games. The story of the season before Thursday was that Stanfurd was steadily improving after their season opening loss at Northwestern and UCLA was leaning heavily on running back Paul Perkins and their defense while true freshman quarterback Josh Rosen learned the ropes of Pac-12 football. Of course those story lines had been evolving going into Thursday night: Stanfurd's Christian McCaffery had become one of the national leaders in total yardage and UCLA's defense had been decimated by injuries which contributed to their first loss of the year against ASU.

Looking at the box score, ignoring touchdowns, this game does not look like a blow out. If I told you that UCLA would out gain Stanfurd on offense, that Paul Perkins would have over 100 yards rushing and Josh Rosen over 300 yards passing with 3 touchdowns you would think that the Bruins could not have lost this game.

Stanfurd employed the Anti-Air Raid offense with 75% of their total plays being running plays while UCLA was fairly balanced with a 42.5% run, 57.5% pass split. In a blow out we would expect the trailing team to pass more often but UCLA started the game with seven consecutive pass attempts and broken down by quarter UCLA passed 1Q = 65%, 2Q= 60%, 3Q= 60%, 4Q= 60%. That looks like a plan by head coach Jim Mora Jr. and offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone to put the keys of the offense into Josh Rosen's hands. Even when the score got out of hand in the third quarter, the offense did not deviate from their 60-40 pass-run split.

width="220""I was not nearly as aggressive as a playcaller as I should be at this point, " Mazzone said. "It’s like life. If you wake up in the morning and you get out of bed, and all you’re worrying about is not making mistakes, you might as well not get your ass up out of bed. You might as well stay in bed.

"You’ve got to go out and freaking be aggressive. You make mistakes, you make mistakes. Maybe there’s a little bit of truth in that, but what the heck? We all learn."

Lets take a look at some of those first quarter plays and see how Rosen did with Mazzone's "freaking aggressive" play calling...

On the Bruins' first possession, they are backed up inside their own 10 yard line. They line up with two wide receivers on each side and #24 Paul Perkins as the running back just to the right of Josh Rosen.

Perkins goes into motion pre-snap and the Stanfurd linebacker #4 Blake Martinez follows him. This looks like it could be a screen towards the top of the screen to Perkins and Stanfurd already has their only safety over towards the top to cover that tendency (4 defenders to cover 3 offensive players).

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