High School 4 year Plan Template

Building a Strong High School 4-Year Plan

Develop good study habits. Be honest with yourself. If 10 hours a week of studying can get you Bs, bump it up to 15.

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College is a huge investment of your time and money, which is why preparing for college during high school is so important. Successfully preparing for college requires making solid, well-informed choices that prepare you to attend a university.

Planning for college during high school includes getting good grades, being as well rounded as possible and consulting with school counselors and teachers to ensure that you are on the right track.

Take more courses related to your intended major, and do more activities that will appeal to colleges, such as taking AP classes, participating in extracurricular activities and doing community service.

First Step in Planning for College: Build and Maintain a High Grade Point Average (GPA)

Colleges and universities consider your GPA when determining your admissions status as it is an indicator of how well you are likely to perform at the college level. You can increase your chances of having a high GPA by:

  • Studying hard. Ask for tutoring if your grades are slipping.
  • Improving your attendance. Try to avoid missing any tests, work or projects, especially those that count toward your GPA. If you miss tests due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, schedule makeup test time with the instructor right away.
  • Taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Many AP classes are weighted, meaning that they count significantly toward improving your GPA and can even push it above the coveted 4.0. Plus, they give you the opportunity to earn college credit while you’re still in high school.

Make Sure Your High School Classes Prepare You for Your Desired Major

Meeting high school graduation requirements doesn’t necessarily mean you’re prepared for your desired college major. Some things to consider when choosing high school classes:

  • Certain courses may be required for your particular major: (such as, physics and calculus for engineering programs). Ask your guidance counselor, and go to the websites of the colleges you’re considering to find out if there are any high school course requirements for the majors and programs you’re most interested in. You can also request information from the school using Campus Explorer’s School Request Information Form.

Ideas into Action: Implementing your High School Plan for College Admissions

After you’ve begun the process of preparing for college, begin instituting your plan into your daily habits. Here’s how:

  • Develop good study habits. Be honest with yourself. If 10 hours a week of studying can get you Bs, bump it up to 15. Not only does this prepare you for college studying, but it will also increase your GPA.

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What colleges would want me with this 4 YEAR High School Plan? | Yahoo Answers

any school would want you just check that the schools you apply to take your APs because every school accepts them at different grades
ex stony Brook (suny)
your AP BIO 4 or 5 gives you Bio 150 and 4 credits
a 3 gives you Bio 150 and 3 credits
were US His 4,5 gives you a class and 6 credits
3 just gives you 3 credits
so you can greduate high school with over 24 college credits that's equal to a full year of classes
if you want to go into medicine it is preferred that u take classes like bio and chem at the college level just due to the fact that high school AP classes are thought…

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