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Helping young people into education and jobs in Scotland

Statistics from the Scottish Government show that while nearly 40% of all school leavers go directly on to Higher Education, this number drops to only around 1% for young people in care. That’s why MCR Pathways, , has been trying to connect young people in care with mentors who can help them remain in education and boost their prospects for getting jobs in Scotland and right across the world. We spoke to Marie McQuade from the project to find out more.

glasgow university Helping young people into education and jobs in Scotland

Glasgow University. MCR Pathways is trying to help more young people in Glasgow to see the inside of it, not just the outside.

Can you tell us a little bit about the history of the MCR Pathways project?

At MCR, we know that there is amazing potential and talent in young people. Every single one can be varied, unique and inspiring. But, for many, that potential has yet to be discovered. Life experience has knocked the confidence out of some, firmly locking away those seeds of flair and hope. It is our aim to uncover, nurture, develop and help to realise the skills and capabilities in looked-after young people. We know that each person has a specific set of abilities and passions and we want to see them flourish in the arena that is right for them. We support looked-after young people practically, guiding them on pathways to education, employment and fulfilling lives.

It all started with founder Iain MacRitchie and Programme Director Donna Cunningham in St Andrew’s in the East End of Glasgow. They mentored Liam, Donna and Nicole and their stories .

What’s your own role with MCR?

To help recruit 500 mentors by the end of 2015, across 10 schools in Glasgow and beyond this, across all the schools in Glasgow.

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What is the education like in scotland?

Amoung the best in the world. Indeed, Scottish education was considered the very best in the world at one time.

How is the education of scotland?

Probably better than in England.
and dont they teach scottish there instead of english?

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