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Education Canada Network has revolutionized our recruitment process and virtually replaced our newspaper ad campaign. The resume search function is an essential component of our proactive employee identification program. The webpage and employer information features provide prospective employees with unrestricted access to information on the Frontier School Division and has resulted in increased traffic to our website. Our access to the international professional workforce has increased. Our recruiting efforts have taken on a national and international focus with great results. Thank You ECN.

Frontier School Division No. 48, MB

The Education Canada Network has provided excellent services to First Nations Education Authorities. Having served as the Director of Education in three such authorities, I have found that the service has provided direct links to quality educators and education support staff across Canada. Previous advertisements in local papers proved expensive, reached a much more limited cliental, and drew far fewer responses. Further, the ability to be able to peruse resumes to fill emergency positions in the middle of the year has proved invaluable. These services are an excellent resource to connect employers and employees and First Nations children have been the beneficiary.

Nelson House Education Authority

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