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Assembly Bill 218 (“AB 218”), codified as Labor Code section 432.9, goes into effect in just over a week on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, and will have a significant impact on a public agency’s ability to initially use criminal convictions in the hiring processes before a determination has been made regarding whether the applicant meets the minimum job qualifications for the position. As a result, public agencies should closely review their current employment applications and overall hiring practices to ensure compliance by the time the new law takes effect on July 1. Below is a summary of AB 218 and how it can apply to your public agency.


The passage of AB 218 by the California legislature follows a nationwide movement to “ban the box” in an attempt to eliminate any practices of automatically disqualifying convicted criminals from employment by asking questions concerning criminal convictions on the initial job application. Advocates of “ban the box” laws are concerned that such automatic disqualification of convicted criminals may create a disparate impact on minorities. In addition, supporters of “ban the box” legislation have noted that many qualified applications are being rejected from job opportunities simply because of old or minor infractions irrelevant to the position they are seeking. In 1998, Hawaii became the first state in the U.S. to adopt a “ban the box” law. Since then, many states, counties, and cities, including Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Seattle, have also enacted “ban the box” laws. In California, nine cities and counties adopted “ban the box” prohibitions prior to AB 218 being passed. In addition, many private companies and individual agencies have also started to remove the criminal conviction “box” from job applications. However, AB 218 only applies to public agencies in California.

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What the highest paid law enforcement job in California?

Deputy police chiefs can make 70,000 or above, yearly. Salaries in law enforcement vary amongst counties and experience.

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