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Independent Education Evaluations (IEE)

teens with teacherParents always have the right to have someone from outside the school district conduct an evaluation. This is called an independent educational evaluation (IEE). It is important to know that insurance companies often do not cover the cost of educational evaluations because they are not medically necessary and these evaluations can be expensive. Parents should check their insurance policy first.

If you disagree with the results or determination of the school’s evaluation, you may ask for an IEE at the school district’s expense. Your request should be in writing and list some evaluators that you wish to do the evaluation. See our Sample letters for examples. The school district must respond to you in writing (provide you with Written Prior Notice) as to whether they are granting your request or taking you to Due Process to prove that their evaluation was appropriate. Regardless of whether you or the school district has paid for the IEE, the IEP team only needs to consider the results and/or recommendations given in the IEE of the evaluation. This means that they do not have to implement or follow service or program recommendations. The IEP team must consider them and provide you with Written Prior Notice as to why or why they are not accepting the recommendations.

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