NOAA Education Outreach Center

FY14 NOAA Education Accomplishments ReportThe Education Outreach Center promotes environmental literacy and increased awareness of NOAA through outreach event guidance, planning, and material support. The Center provides educational materials from across NOAA lines and programs in support of agency conferences and community outreach events through requests from formal and informal educators, students, researchers, emergency services personnel, and NOAA employees.

Many of our resources are becoming available on the web only. This keeps us greener and saves on printing costs. We know sometimes only hard copy will do, but quantity of some materials is very limited. Keep in mind that most of our materials are not copyrighted, so you may pull them apart, make copies, reduce in size, etc. to fill your needs.

Please be aware that our materials availability changes, so contact us to discuss how we may help you. Let us know the topic or objective for your event, the age or grade level you are working with, class size (or how many people you might expect to attend your event), and the date of your event. Materials will be sent via U.S. Postal Service unless you wish to expedite by providing your FedEx or UPS account number.

For inquiries on available services and materials please contact the Center:

  • NOAA Education Resource Center
  • 1305 East West Highway
  • SSMC4, Room 1W514
  • Silver Spring, MD 20910
  • Phone: (301) 713-1208
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