School District 9 in Long Island

With 127 public school districts and nearly twice as many private schools in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, there is almost no limit to elementary and secondary education options on Long Island. There are several well-reputed special education programs operating at public schools on Long Island, as well as nationally leading ESL and Bilingual education options. It is estimated that nearly half a million students, instructed by approximately 35, 000 teachers, attend Long Island public and private schools, with the number growing each year. Long Island is also home to the largest school districts in New York State outside of the New York City Public Schools system.

Public Schools | Long Island School Districts

127 public school districts operate on Long Island. The Suffolk County Public School District comprises two of the three major district cooperatives, including Eastern and Western Suffolk County Public Schools, each with the goal of ensuring that every student meets or excels beyond the standards set in place by the New York State Board of Regents. Eastern Suffolk is an education cooperative of 51 school districts, and Western Suffolk is a cooperative of 18 local school districts. Western Suffolk County Public School provides 79 educational services efficiently to the districts that it oversees.

The third major district cooperative is the Nassau County School District, which works in cooperation with over 50 districts in the county. Nassau County schools are ranked among the best in New York State.

Private and Parochial Schools | Long Island Private Schools

Most private schools on Long Island are parochial institutions. A handful of these schools are not co-ed, such as Chaminade High School in Mineola, which is an all-boys school, or St. Joseph's in Brentwood, which is an all-girls school. However, there are several co-ed parochial schools on Long Island as well, including St. John the Baptist in West Islip and St. Anthony's in Melville.

Hebrew Schools are also abundant on Long Island. The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach in Nassau is a co-ed elementary school which also offers an early childhood program and a day care center.

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