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New London High School locked down, 2 students arrested over toy

police-lightsNEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — Two New London High School students have been arrested after they allegedly brought a fake gun to school, prompting a 40-minute lockdown Friday.

School officials say a student reported a fellow student had a gun in the school, and the building was placed in lockdown around 11 a.m. New London police searched the school and found the student had a toy gun capable of firing plastic pellets.

Two male students, one 14-years old and the other 17-years old, have been charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and second-degree breach of peace. Both were released to parents with a summons to appear in juvenile court.

New London High School Principal Tommy Thompson says he was proud how the whole situation was dealt with, reading the following statement over the intercom.

I want to thank all of you for responding in a serious manner. There is no doubt there will also be opportunity to grow and get better from this experience. A special thank you…to some people that will remain anonymous…you are the heroes for reporting and sharing information. If the weapon was real, you could have possible had saved someone’s life. We have notified all parents through the automated phone system and explained what happened just as I have to you. There is no doubt that people will have questions…but what I will focus on is how proud I am of how we followed procedure, that students that stepped up to the plate, and that we worked as a team and as the family I have come to know and love.”

Ever After High Ever After High School Spirit Apple White and Raven Queen Doll (2-Pack)
Toy (Ever After High)
  • This two pack of Ever After High dolls includes Apple White and Raven Queen dressed in spirited school gear
  • Apple White doll looks her fairest in a dress with Ever After High crest on the bodice and accessories
  • Raven Queen doll is wicked cool in a purple top printed with the school logo and accessories
  • Two plastic pennants that feature the characters signature colors and school crest can fit in the dolls hands to really show their spirit!
  • With two dolls in one pack, girls can recreate hexciting scenes from the webisodes or choose their own ever after s!
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Zizzle High School Musical 2 - Sing along microphone (colors may vary)
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  • You Are The Music In Me , and Fabulous
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V Tech VTech Alphabet Apple
Toy (V Tech)
  • Interactive toddler learning toy with light-up talking worm slider; 26 light-up letter buttons, movable clock hand and carry handle for portability
  • Alphabet toy worm acts as the guide during games and learning; the clock has a movable hand that introduces time concepts
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  • Early learning center comes with 29 songs and melodies with blinking lights that promote verbal and visual discovery
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Corwin Teaching High School Science Through Inquiry and Argumentation
Book (Corwin)
  • Content that addresses the new direction of science standards
  • Exceptional coverage of scientific argumentation
  • Enhanced chapters on assessment and classroom management
  • Questioning techniques that promote the most learning
  • Activities that emphasize making claims and citing evidence
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