Education system in USA VS Europe

Where to Study?

So, there is no such country that could be defined the 'best' one. As for the American and European systems, there are pros and cons in both of them. That is the case of deciding what is better for you. We will highlight some features of both options here to help you make a decision.

The size matters

One of the main contrasts between educational institutions in the USA and Europe is that institutions in America are much bigger. They sit on the top of the list of large and well-established universities with broad learning opportunities.

For example, there are 1, 500 courses at Wharton School (Pennsylvania) and students are free to choose their elective. Students have access to the whole law school, engineering school, medical school, and business school. If there are any students who want to specialize in micro-electronic medicine, they are welcome to choose the most appropriate disciplines to learn. A person is free to specialize in something he/she finds really interesting.

As for European schools, there is no such large educational system and there are fewer courses to choose.

Course length

Usually, USA colleges run longer programs: three-four years, as a rule. The advantage of a longer course is a free space. Students have more time to take part in projects of their special interest and focus on something valuable. Of course, this is only suitable if your resources and circumstances allow you four years study since education and living in the USA are pretty expensive.

European college and university programs are two-three years shorter. It makes learning extremely intensive. Undertaking costly universities, a shorter time is obviously very advantageous. However, you need to be sure that it suits your personal style of learning.

A longer course is much more beneficial for a personal growth. If you want to change the direction and become a specialist in a different area, you may do that. A shorter course may provide sufficient time for you to evolve. Some people find shorter programs perfect.

International experience

One of the key components of the university program is gaining international experience. Top universities in the USA are extremely international. It places you in a different environment and makes you organize yourself accordingly.

Studying in Europe, you have an additional benefit and challenge of learning a new language. If you decide to study in your home country, you will also be exposed to an international environment (European educational institutions have about 60% of overseas contingent). However, moving to a foreign country yourself and getting international experience and new knowledge, will make you a real part of an international framework. (Read also: )

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What is the population of USA vs Europe?

Europe has about 462 million inhabitants and the United States of America has about 305,199,037. Thanks for asking.

What is the entire population of Europe vs. The USA?

In 2007, the population of Europe was 497 million. The population of the United States was 301, 139, 947.

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