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    If they have access to the WebLGY system (most lenders do)

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    Complete VA Form 26-1880 and mail it to:

    VA Atlanta Regional Loan Center
    Attn: COE (262)
    P.O. Box 100034
    Decatur, GA 30031.

VA home loan programs may be used to obtain homes, condominiums, or manufactured homes; refinance an existing home loan; or install energy-saving improvements. VA offers these three main types of guaranteed home loan benefits:

  • Purchase Loans
  • Cash-Out Refinance Loans
  • Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans
Native American Veterans

For Native American Veterans who want to live on Federal Trust land, VA’s Native American Direct Loan (NADL) program is another option. It provides direct loans to eligible Native American Veterans for the purchase, construction, or improvement of a home. Learn more about NADL.

Adapted Homes for Disabled Veterans

VA also offers grants to Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities to build an adapted home or install ramps, widen doors, or make other modifications to live more independently. VA operates three types of grants that accommodate Veterans’ unique circumstances: Specially Adapted Housing, Special Housing Adaptation, and Temporary Residence Adaptation.


Private-sector lenders underwrite and fund VA home loans according to established VA standards. VA’s partial guaranty for these loans means that nearly 90 percent of all VA-guaranteed home loans are made with no down payment required.


If a VA-guaranteed loan becomes delinquent, VA works with the borrower to avoid foreclosure, including providing financial counseling and, in some cases, direct intervention with a mortgage loan servicer on the borrower’s behalf. In 2013, VA loans had the lowest foreclosure rate of all types of loans in the market. If you are a Veteran or Servicemember having difficulty making mortgage payments, call 877-827-3702 to speak with a VA Loan Technician. More information about avoiding foreclosure is at .

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What is the difference between grant money and loan money when used for a college education

Grant is a money that you have to apply for and it is given to you without paying anything back. Loans are money that you take from a bank and have to repay it back in a certain amount of time. Loans normally add interest, so u have to pay back a certain amount plus interest. In a college education you have to apply for grants and they are given to you normally by seeing your grades and extra efforts on college. The loans for students are normally a bit different than the others, because some companies have special offers of loans to students.

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