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North Carolina Student Loans

North Carolina students will be pleased to know that they may be eligible for a few specific financing and assistance programs offered the state itself and its associated partners. The state is home to 16 UNC system universities, 36 private colleges, and 58 community colleges, so there is a diverse array of options.

The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority will be a great help to you throughout your financial aid journey as a college-bound student in the region. Not only does the website act as a hub for articles, tips, and information on everything from state colleges to student loans to interest calculation, the NCSEAA will point you in the direction of the College Foundation of North Carolina. College Foundation, Inc. is a loan servicing company that manages loan programs and accounts for North Carolina students. CFNC will undoubtedly act as your one-stop-shop for everything related to student loans in the state, as well as valuable information about scholarships, grants, applying for college, and planning your education and payment. north carolina loans

College students in North Carolina are no different from others across the country: most must carry multiple student loans, sometimes including a mix of private and federal funds. However, you will be interested in being aware of those special opportunities only available to North Carolina students, such as the Carolina Computing Initiative and resources from CFNC that can help you manage and obtain your federal loans.

College Foundation of North Carolina

The College Foundation of North Carolina makes student loans as easy for you to understand as possible. Their clean and well-organized website offers easy online applications, a place for you to setup affordable payment plans, tools that allow you to manage your account and even some nifty loan calculators so you know exactly how much money you owe.

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