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HSBC Bank helps graduate students from the UK pay for advanced education. Current, active customers of the bank are eligible to apply for educational financing, provided the following conditions are met:

  • 18 years old at the time of application
  • Account holder at HSBC – savings, checking or other account
  • UK resident status
  • Must be within 5 years of graduating from an accredited degree program

Loans worth between 5000-25, 000 are made available to qualified students, with competitive interest rates around 5.9%* Additional benefits associated with HSBC Graduate Loans include:

  • No penalty for early payments, so borrowers are free to pay-ahead, as a means to reduce outstanding student debt faster.
  • Fixed repayment terms do not change during the life of a loan.
  • Quick turnaround, from application to loan disbursal.
  • Repayment options designed to keep borrowers current.
  • Repayment holidays, which allow borrowers to place payments on hold, during certain periods.
  • Ability to add to existing loans, once they have been established.
HSBC student loans for college

*This representative rate may not be the exact rate received by all student-borrowers.

*Important notice: Due to changes in the student lending industry, HSBC Bank promotes only Graduate Loans for UK students. The following entry is maintained as a historical record, reflecting programs previously offered by the lender.

HSBC Bank USA manages the global accounts of over 3 million customers. This leading commercial and retail financial institution provides global investment, wealth management, personal financial management, and commercial services for a global clientele. With headquarters in New York City, HSBC has access to global markets.

Student Tools and Resources

HSBC student-borrowers enjoy access to the bank’s “College Planning Center.” Through this online resource, students utilize college financial planning tools such as student loan calculators, loan comparison charts and scholarship searches appropriate for students and parents.

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