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Girls Education Project :

Sakshi Girls Education Project Pupils

celebrate International Women's Day

with Sakshi President Dr. Mridula

Tandon and Chief Guest First Lady of

Arunachal Pradesh Mrs. Anupama Singh.

Sakshi Girls Education Project supports girls financially and academically ensuring they graduate and have all the skills necessary to make life decisions successfully.

We understand it takes a village to raise a child and therefore, as with our other programs, we work on three fronts to ensure success: first, with the girls, second, with their schools and teachers, and third, their families and communities.

Goals and Activities of the Sakshi Girls Education Project:

# Goals and Activities with the Girls:

We make sure they have the funding to continue school including for books, clothes etc. We make sure they get extra educational coaching after school to help them excel in studies so they have the ability to stand on their own feet if they wish.

Education in subjects is not sufficient. We provide them coaching in navigating circumstances they will encounter in life. For example, these are vulnerable girls from needy families. The parents being mostly at work, they are left without protection. There is high probability they will encounter a dangerous situation. We teach young girls to recognize situations where they are not comfortable and provide them a number they can call to ask for help if needed.

Activities are:

Sakshi GEP Pupils participate in the Drawing Competition at the National Book Trust Book Fair. One of our girls, Priya stood IInd!

  • Life Skills sessions (in and outside schools)
  • Academic and material support
  • Mentoring
  • Exposure visits to places like museums and book fairs to broaden their horizons

# Goals and Activities with Schools:

We make sure schools are able to provide a safe and encouraging environment for the girls. We also work with the schools to arrange academic and extra-curricular events for the girls.

Activities are:

  • Setting up Resource Centres at schools
  • Organizing Academic and Extra-curricular Events at schools
  • Workshops with school teachers around Gender Sensitization
  • Regular meetings and follow ups with teachers
  • Setting up Girls' Groups for social interaction and peer support

Life Skills Coaching for Pupils in the Girls Education Project. "Growing up and changes during Adolescence"

# Goals and Activities with Family & Community:

We make sure the girls have the support of their parents and communities to study. We make sure the latter understand why it is important for a girl to be educated and able to stand on her own two feet even if she decides to become a housewife. In this way, they become truly invested in their daughters' futures and will not put obstacles in her studies or ask her to stay back and help with the housework etc.

This is not easy. For a poor family, a pair of extra hands in the house or an extra income makes all the difference. So it becomes a question of asking them to bear some material difficulties now for a brighter future for their daughters.The financial subsidy we provide for their daughter's education helps a lot in making this task easier. Even so, our teachers have to regularly reach out to parents and community leaders to keep at the task of changing a mindset ("why does a

Sakshi Girls Education Project Pupils in front of a Sakshi Education Centre.

girl need to study when she is only going to get married?") and resolve various issues and questions that come up.

Our activities:

  • Parents meeting & workshops
  • Campaigns / Awareness events
  • Orientation for the local level bodies

How You Can Help

  • You can donate to Sakshi.
  • You can sponsor a girl child for Rs. 200 per month.
  • You can sponsor a teacher training workshop.


Where can one find a teaching education job?

There are a few places where one can go to find a teaching education job online. NEA has a list of tips to help those looking. School Spring is a site that lists available teaching jobs as well.

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