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With no education, well-paying jobs not possible: Bar girl

In her flashy outfit, Madhubala – as the dance bar girl likes to introduce herself – has just come back from “singing” at an Andheri bar.dna caught up with her after home minister RR Patil’s renewed resolve to shut down dance bars. Excerpts from the interview of the over 22-year-old where her overseer butt-in with some familiar answers. In it she informs about why they would want the dancing profession to stay and how RR Patil should reach out to them with the same drive as he has shown to shut down their profession.

Excerpts of the interview:

How old are you? When and how did you land up here?
I am 22 years old and had come down to Mumbai from Mathura with my parents several years ago. My father fell seriously ill. As a result, my family finances became very grim and that is when I decided to become a bar dancer. I hardly studied in school, but I was good at dancing. Eleven years ago, a friend of mine, who was already a bar dancer, took me to a dance bar. It was then that I decided to join this profession. Without good education, I wouldn’t have earned more than Rs5, 000 a month and that wouldn’t have been sufficient to meet my household expenses. But as a bar dancer I earn much more.

Why don’t you see the ban on dance bars as an opportunity to turn a new leaf?
We are doing a job without any headache and earning a better livelihood. (Overseer butts-in and states that she earns at least Rs2, 000 per day). With Rs60, 000 pm I am better off here. Although with mounting expenses that too is less. I am now working only as a waitress and singer. In fact, our harassment at the hands of customers has increased with some customers openly asking for our home address. Their intention was obvious.

How has your life changed after the ban?
Customers never asked us for our addresses earlier. But now things have changed. Such a thing never happened before the ban. It has increased harassment and crime in the city. The ban has made us from dancers (performers) to waiters and singers.

Many people pursue studies for better future. Why don’t you for better salary?
Out here we can ensure a better future for our sisters, brothers and the future generation.

RR Patil says dance bars lower the dignity of women, have increased crime rate and destroyed families. Your comment.
With 100 men around (in a bar) how is that possible? How can anyone say something about what happens in a closed room with women’s consent. In fact, crime has increased due to the ban.

You say people have started asking for addresses. Isn’t that harassment?
I can only say we are safe here in these bars.

The govt claims none of you accepted the rehabilitation offer. Why didn’t you opt for rehab?
Mr Patil is a big person. A group of bar dancers did try to meet him, but they were not allowed to do that. Patil should meet us and convince us why we should quit this profession. He should also spell out what he will do for our welfare if we leave this profession.

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