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The Top 10 Best Paying Jobs That Require Almost No Education

The Top 10 Best Paying Jobs That Require Almost No EducationWe cannot really argue about the benefits of a good education. However, we also have to admit that getting one does not come cheap. While student loans are available, some people, understandably, refuse to be riddled with debt even before they start working. Given these scenarios, it would help to know the best paying jobs in the world that require almost no education. Read on to find out about these jobs and their median annual salaries.

10. Occupational Therapist Aide – $27, 430

An occupational therapist aide works under the direction of an occupational therapist. He assists in treating patients with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries through therapeutic use of everyday activities. These activities help patients develop, improve, and recover motor skills that are needed for daily living and working.Digital Image by Sean LockeDigital Planet Des title= Tasks can include setting up of equipment that will be used by patients. A high school diploma is normally sufficient to get this job and on the job training will be provided.

9. Real Estate Broker and Sales Agent – $42, 680

A real estate broker and sales agent help clients rent, buy, and sell real estate properties. A broker is licensed to manage his own real estate business, while a sales agent, who may also be required by some states to obtain a license, works with a broker. While no formal education is required for these jobs, an exam is usually a prerequisite to getting a license. Some states require candidates to be high school graduates, at least 18 years of age, and with a particular number of real estate courses. Connections and good networking skills are essential for this job as income is normally based on sales commissions.

110613-N-YM336-0798. Advertising Sales Agent – , 350

An advertising sales agent sells advertising space to individuals and businesses. He contacts potential clients, makes sales pitches, and maintains client accounts. This job cuts across several industries such as television, radio, Internet publishing, and advertising agencies. An entry-level position for this job would usually require a high school diploma but some employers require a bachelor’s degree. Good communication skills and previous sales experience would definitely be a plus. Note, however, that the income for this job is mostly commission-based.

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