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Video Collection

The collection now includes more than 22, 000 DVDs, 1, 200 Blu-ray discs, 6, 500 VHS tapes, and more than 150 screenplays. Call us at 203.432.0148 for reservations.

Please note: for your convenience, our collection of published screenplays, available for borrowing or reading on the premises, are now listed in the database.

Guidelines for Searching the Database:

  • Searching by Title: Place article at the end (e.g. Gold Rush, The; Dolce Vita, La). Or the article can be eliminated (e.g. Gold Rush; Dolce Vita). Searching with the article at the beginning will not produce any results.
  • Searching by Director: Enter the director's name in the format Last Name, First Name (e.g. Lee, Spike). Entering director in the format First Name Last Name (e.g. Spike Lee) will not produce any results. You can enter just the last name (e.g. Lee). But best results will be obtained if you enter Last Name, First Name, because in many cases, there will be more than one director with the same last name.
  • Entering both the title and the director will produce the best results.
  • Searching by Year: "During" means one specific year, e.g. 2012. "Between" means all films in the collection released in the range of years entered: thus "Between" 1964 and 1966 will produce a list of all films in the collection released in 1964, 1965 and 1966.
  • Searching by Cast: Enter the name of the performer in the format First Name, Last Name (e.g. Meryl Streep; Humphrey Bogart). Please note that not all performers have been entered in the database.

Video collection format information:

VHS VHS videotapes


Restricted VHS videotapes (see note below)
V (PAL) (R) VHS tapes in the PAL format


VHS tapes in the Secam format
VHS (REF) Non-circulating VHS (see note below)
Laserdisc 12" Laserdiscs
DVD Digital video discs
DVD (R) Restricted DVDs (see note below)
DVD (REF) Non-circulating DVD (see note below)
BLU-RAY BLU-RAY discs: High Definition format
BLU-RAY (R) Restricted BLU-RAY discs (see note below)

SCREENPLAY Published screenplays

Note: VHS (R)-Restricted videotapes; DVD (R)-Restricted DVDs; Blu-ray (R)-Restricted Blu-ray discs; and Laserdiscs are not available for circulation to students. These items are circulated only to classes, faculty, and teaching assistants. Students are welcome to view the Restricted items at the Film Study Center.

VHS (REF) and DVD (REF) are not available for circulation to anyone, including classes and faculty; these must be viewed at the Film Study Center. This was stipulated by the companies from which we obtained the films.

Items may not be duplicated, which is a violation of copyright law.

Important note: in conformance with copyright law, screenings advertised and/or open to the public (outside of classroom showings) are not permitted, unless public performance rights are included with the purchase of the item (indicated on our database) or the exhibitor obtains public performance rights from the studio or distributor. Proof of public performance authorization must be submitted in writing to the Director of the Film Study Center prior to any public screening.

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