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New Report on Swiss Vocational Education New Report on Swiss Vocational Education: Switzerland has the fourth highest per capita income in the world, a vibrant and innovative economy, and miniscule unemployment, thanks in no small part to its vocational education and training (VET) system, arguably one of the most successful such system in the world. Click here to access the latest report in CIEB's series on VET systems. CIEB's recent report on the Chinese VET system is available here.New Report on Swiss Vocational Education Watch Now: Current Projects from CIEB Supported Research:
Check out CIEB's supported research page to find out more about upcoming projects focused on VET, teacher quality, instructional systems, teacher professional development, 21st century skills and teacher quality costs. Watch video interviews with our lead researchers including Linda Darling-Hammond, Tina Isaacs and Dylan Wiliam.Interview with Linda Darling-Hammond

ChineselessonsCIEBslideChinese Lessons: Shanghai’s Rise to the Top of the PISA League Tables
This compilation of interviews with top Chinese education leaders and international researchers explores some of the policies and practices behind Shanghai’s outstanding performance on PISA 2009 and PISA 2012. The interviews include perspectives from Kai-ming Cheng, Tom Corcoran, Ben Jensen, Vivien Stewart, and Minxuan Zhang.

Tucker and Gupta on CNN Special
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Where can I find an adult education center in st croix U.S Virgin islands? | Yahoo Answers

Tough question there... I was on vacation there in 1999 for 10 days great place! I may go back this winter. Hey are you stuck on the Island cause you cant get a job and you cant get a job cause you got no HS Diploma? Hey, You should have listened to your mama and gotten that Diploma but NOOOO you had to be a wastoid burnout and thought you could get by without it but now you have to fess up how you were a arrogant a punk jerk! AM I RIGHT AM I RIGHT??? LOOK AT YOU!!! YOU MAKE ME SICK TO MY STOMACH!!!! NO WONDER YOU COULDN'T ELABORATE with your question. You probably can't even spell enou…

Anyone know of any special education centers (in the public school system) in the eastern US? | Yahoo Answers

As far as I have ever understood it if the child attends a public school the school Psychologist, counselor or principal should assist in finding the "Least restrictive" environment. Even if this is at a different school, the school system has to pay for it. I know of students here in Ohio that were moved from the school I work at to schools in the area that range in price from $30,000 to $60, 000 and it is paid for by the state.

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