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DSC_1137Ten years ago, the Richmond Peace Education Center and Drums No Guns organized their first “EduConcert.”

This year, the Richmond Youth Peace Project continues that tradition with its annual Youth Educoncert, Generation Dream 2015. Talented young performers from throughout metro Richmond will honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as they explore themes of community justice and nonviolence through music, dance and spoken word poetry.

Don’t miss this inspirational and thought-provoking show,

Saturday February 28, at 2 p.m. at the Henrico Theater, 305 East 9 Mile Road, in Highland Springs,

DSC_1361Free and open to the public! Visit our, join, and invite your friends!

Generation Dream 2015 features original spoken word performances by students from Open, Thomas Jefferson and John Marshall High Schools and other central Virginia schools. These teens have written poetry on topics including street violence against young African-Americans, domestic abuse, and feminist empowerment.

The show also includes the John B. Cary Elementary School cheerleaders, and performers from Maggie Walker and Appomattox Regional Governor’s Schools, including pianist Gavin Coleman, singer/guitarists Jonathan Brown and Madeline May, singer/pianist Tara Srivastava, and dancer Kayla Jones. The show will also conclude with the activist percussion ensemble Drums No Guns.

In addition to this annual concert, Richmond Youth Peace Project (RYPP) has trained over 200 teens as conflict resolution workshop facilitators. RYPP promotes youth leadership as they then share those skills with other children and teens. It also sponsors an annual Youth Peace Summit (scheduled for April 25, 2015) at which teens participate in a variety of workshops promoting social justice, conflict resolution, leadership and positive self-expression and social change through the arts.

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