Arts Education Important

Importance of Arts Education

For 17 years, Ocean Bank's support of The Education Fund's Ocean Bank Center of Educational Materials has leveraged more than .8 million in donated art and school supplies, benefiting more than 525, 000 students. Ocean Bank's commitment includes a belief that we must foster the creativity and imagination of our children and that the arts play a vital role in that development.

To ensure support for visual arts in the schools, Ocean Bank sponsors both this exhibition and The Education Fund's Art of Found Objects Charity Auction, which raises thousands of dollars for visual arts programs in our public schools.

In a community as diverse as ours, the arts serve as an essential bridge across language and cultural differences. They become the shared link, the glue that shapes our understanding of how we see ourselves and each other. In giving children the materials and the freedom to create through The Education Fund's Art of Found Objects Exhibition and Charity Art Auction, we celebrate our children, their families, the schools they attend, and our community.

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Why is Art Education important in Schools? | Yahoo Answers

Quality music and art education has shown in studies to improve learning skills. It is unfortunate that schools cut such programs trying to "make the grade," and keep their statics high for funding and budget. In my opinion they are wrong to do this because students have shown to improve in the learning and knowledge needed for schools to get high scores and get their budget money. Apparently we don't need motivated, creative people, we need workers.

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