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Film Arts in Education

TOH-logo-2012-300x131The Cinema Arts Centre is pleased to present its popular Film Arts in Education screenings for schools in Nassau and Suffolk counties. As ongoing community outreach activities, these easily arranged and modestly priced field trips for junior and senior high school students are an important part of our year-round exhibition program of outstanding American and international films.

All screenings take place in one of our three comfortable, state-of-the-art theaters, where your students can see films from around the world that are related to your course of study. The films are presented in their entirety under optimum conditions, without interruption and on a large screen.

Films can enliven and enrich your students’ educational experience in a variety of ways: as introductions to the language and culture of other countries, as opportunities to see and hear dramatizations of great literary works, and as explorations of past history or contemporary society. Designed for students in the International Languages, Literature, Social Studies, Film Studies, History, Music, Criminal Justice, and the Arts, our programs can also be used in conjunction with the interdisciplinary area studies and innovative curriculum projects popular in so many of our region’s schools.

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How art education is important.

Art education is very important because you could be starting a brand new carrer.
A artist perhaps

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